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Why house flippers need home staging

Most house flippers go into any new project with two goals in mind: improve the property’s value and sell it quickly. The longer a real estate investor holds onto a home, the more they have to pay in carrying costs, which cuts into their bottom line. Whether you’re new to house flipping or you have several properties under your belt, our real estate staging services help you unload a home as fast as possible for the highest possible price, which is the most effective way of turning a profit.

How we help you sell real estate

We aren’t here to bog you down in red tape, or make your investment property our swan song. We provide everything you need from a staging company with nothing you don’t - delivering max ROI and dependability.

Staging works because it shows that the property has the potential to be the warm and inviting home the prospective buyer dreams of living in. Professional stagers in particular know the right way to lay out rooms so they appear bigger and more usable. When you’re trying to sell quickly, you don’t want to leave too much up to the buyer’s imagination—show them exactly what the home could be.

As investors ourselves, we uniquely understand the needs of investment companies, and are able to support those needs effectively and with ease. We never run out of furniture and always have room in our schedule for last-minute stagings and schedule changes. 

Think of us as your hassle-free, dependable partners for a great peace of mind. 

If you’re ready to take your house flips or investment properties to the next level, contact The Staging Company to learn more about our real estate staging services in Orlando, Florida.

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I love this company! They did a job for me on a Winter Park vacant home and it looks fabulous. The team is very professional and easy to work with. They communicate every step of the way. I highly recommend this company.