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Staged homes sell faster in Orlando

Right now, staged homes are selling up to 86% faster and for up to 14% more than non staged competition. (National Association for Realtors).

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Is staging the right investment for you?

Find yourself in one of the following situations? If so, professional staging may be a great way to boost your property’s value while reducing its time on the market.
  • Before listing your home for sale, you already know you need some help removing personal touches and enhancing your home’s style with modern features.
  • You’re frustrated your home has been on the Orlando market for such a long time—and you’re ready to lower your asking price just to sell it more quickly.
  • You’re a real estate agent who knows your client’s house has the potential to sell for more if only the outdated furniture and color schemes were replaced with trendy, contemporary features.
  • You’re an apartment property manager hoping to attract more residents with model spaces where potential residents can easily imagine themselves living.

Attractive benefits of property staging in Orlando

It’s stressful to have a property on the market that won’t sell, and it’s even worse when you have to lower your asking price just to get people interested.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way!

THE STAGING COMPANY helps you sell your Orlando home much faster than you could ever imagine— and often for even higher than your asking price. These are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy from professional home staging:

  • Quicker Sale—Staged homes sell faster than homes that forgo staging. Professional staging will help your property sell quickly, so you won’t have to waste money paying taxes, utilities, and mortgage payments while waiting for a buyer.
  • Better Price—Staged properties typically sell for 15% to 20% more than homes that aren’t staged. You’ll quickly recoup your investment and, not to mention, have several thousand dollars to spare!
  • Great Impression—Professional home staging helps your home stand out from the competition. In hot markets like Orlando, Florida, this is the only reason you need to invest in staging services.
  • Buyer Perception—Staging can make your home appear more stylish, larger, and desirable to potential buyers by adding features that make spaces feel light, open, airy, and modern.
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Fantastic service with excellent taste in staging! My parent's home is under contract and under 30 days just like they guarantee! Highly recommend them for your staging needs!

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