$30,000 Over Asking in 2 Days!

Mike Archer

$30,000 Over Asking in 2 Days!

You don’t hear “$30,000 over asking in just 2 days!” very often anymore but that’s exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago.

Staging at this Orlando home resulted in a remarkable sale, closing at $30,000 over the asking price within just 2 days—a rarity in current market conditions. This "beige beauty" in a sound neighborhood with an engaging floor plan and large garage required a furniture plan to enhance the house's contemporary potential.

Our professional staging provided a modern touch, setting a welcoming tone from the dining room to the transformation of quirky spaces into charming features. The living room's staging emphasized flow and functionality, while the primary bedroom became a serene sanctuary, aiding in the property's standout performance against an average market time of 35 days.

This success story underscores the significant impact staging can have in generating competitive offers swiftly.

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