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Vacant Home Staging

In some cases, you may need to move out before you’ve sold your home. You also might be a real estate investor and don’t actually live in the house you’re selling. In these situations, the home is often left vacant, which can make it difficult for buyers to feel a connection with the property. That’s why we offer vacant home staging in Texas—we want to help buyers see how amazing a home can be.

Why to Stage a Vacant Home

Even if your home has high-quality flooring, beautiful finishes, and neutral paint colors, the impression doesn’t always signify a homey environment for potential buyers. Without furniture, spaces may seem smaller or awkwardly shaped, or there be extra rooms with no obvious function. Furniture staging creates helpful cues for buyers, so they know what to do with each space.

In addition to inspiration, proper staging can help home buyers imagine what their lives might be like if they purchased the property. Staging a sunny breakfast nook with a small table might trigger a positive experience for the buyer—they’ll imagine enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning. Likewise, when you stage a living room with a large sectional and functional coffee table, buyers might picture their entire family gathering together for a movie.

These visuals can excite buyers and make them want to live in your property even more.

Our Vacant Home Staging Services

At The Staging Company, we make it our mission to supply our clients with high-quality staging that makes an impression. Our 16,000-foot warehouse has enough inventory to stage over 100 homes at a time, and our selection features many different styles and functions. We employ two crews with two moving personnel each, and we have two 17-foot trucks and all the necessary installation equipment.

Our accredited staging team has years of experience, and we know how to stage any room in a way that showcases its maximum potential. Contact The Staging Company today for vacant home staging in Texas, including San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding areas.