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Real Estate Staging Services

If you want to make the most of your investment, our real estate staging services can help. We’ve worked with countless Texas house flippers and real estate investors to earn more on their properties.

Why House Flippers Need Home Staging

Most house flippers go into any new project with two goals in mind: improve the property’s value and sell it quickly. The longer a real estate investor holds onto a home, the more they have to pay in carrying costs, which cuts into their bottom line. Whether you’re new to house flipping or you have several properties under your belt, unloading a home as fast as possible is the most effective way of turning a profit.

Staging works because it shows that the property has the potential to be the warm and inviting home the prospective buyer dreams of living in. Professional stagers in particular know the right way to lay out rooms so they appear bigger and more usable. When you’re trying to sell quickly, you don’t want to leave too much up to the buyer’s imagination—show them exactly what the home could be.

How We Help You Sell Real Estate

Home staging has been proven to sell properties more quickly and for more profit. At The Staging Company, we take the staging process seriously. As interior designers, we carefully consider each space to devise the ideal furniture layout, and we’ll consider your key demographic when styling the artwork, accent décor, and other accessories.


Our warehouse is 16,000 square feet, which gives us a wide range of inventory to choose from. We provide all the necessary personnel, delivery, and installation, so all you have to worry about is finding the next buyer. Once prospective homeowners walk through the door, they won’t ever want to leave.


If you’re ready to take your house flips or investment properties to the next level, contact The Staging Company to learn more about our real estate staging services in Texas. Our service areas include Austin and San Antonio.