Sold in 4 Days vs. Expected 60-90 Days

Mike Archer

Sold in 4 Days vs. Expected 60-90 Days

This homeowner didn’t have a place to move to and we were getting tight on time to stage before the listing went live….

The staging of this Orlando home proved to be a smooth and stress-relieving process for the homeowner, resulting in a sale just 4 days after listing—far exceeding expectations in a cooling market.

This single-story home with strong curb appeal, a generous lot, and a saltwater pool needed a clear furniture layout to highlight the best use of space and the pool as a focal point. Despite initial scheduling pressures, we adjusted our plans and executed a timely stage.

Transformations included converting a play area into an elegant living space, creating a spa-like ambiance in the primary bedroom, and establishing an inviting dining area. The swift sale, in stark contrast to the anticipated 30-60 day period, attests to the impact of professional staging in a competitive market.

If you're facing tight timelines, we're ready to flexibly accommodate your staging needs.

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