7 Simple Home Staging Tips To Help Sell Your Home Fast

7 Simple Home Staging Tips To Help Sell Your Home Fast

7 Simple Home Staging Tips To Help Sell Your Home Fast

written on May 5, 2021Home Staging

Simple mistakes can cause properties to spend too much time sitting on the market without any buyers. The best way to prevent this is by staging the home fully. Newcomers to the subject can use these seven simple home staging tips to help sell your home fast.

Stage the Exterior

Boosting curb appeal is something any home seller will have to do at some point; the staging process is the best time to do it. Thoroughly wash and repaint the exterior of your home, even your front door. Lawncare is also a must for improving curb appeal—mow the lawn and trim the shrubbery regularly.

Decorate With Neutrals

You have a rainbow of paint colors to choose from, but when you’re staging, stick to neutrals—white, gray, or beige. They’re not the most vivid colors, but the right neutral can bring warmth and calmness to a living space. Using neutral colors for paint, furniture, and additional decor choices will help you ground the home’s atmosphere in a visually appealing way.

Prepare to Depersonalize

When you stage a home, you have to depersonalize. Don’t think about what appeals to you; consider what might appeal to potential buyers. Neutral colors, landscape paintings, and cozy furniture are a few examples of home decor that depersonalizes without making the room look dull or sterile. Avoid staging with any religious, political, or offensive imagery on display.

Focus On Functionality

As mentioned above, cozy furniture can be great for depersonalizing, but to avoid leaning into personal taste, keep functionality in mind. In fact, this speaks to a broader issue to consider when staging—giving each room a purpose. Staging homes, especially by depersonalizing, is a great way to create a creative foundation for buyers. When they stop by, presenting buyers with rooms serving specific purposes (guest bedroom, home office, etc.) can make the property more appealing. Even if the function isn’t beneficial to the buyer, it can inspire them to personalize the space themselves.

Remove All Clutter

One of the biggest steps in staging a house is decluttering every room. If you’re selling the house before your new one is ready, find a suitable storage unit for your personal belongings during the staging process. Removing clutter like kids’ toys, electronics, and other personal belongings can make homes feel more spacious and comfortable to buyers.

Boost Natural Light

Another great tool for adding comfort to living spaces is good old natural light. Opening the curtains and letting in the light gives a room a warm, inviting feeling, a perfect atmosphere for attracting buyers. Since we spend quite a bit of time home staging San Antonio properties, opportunities to bring that Texas sun indoors are abundant. Out of these seven simple home staging tips to help sell your home fast, this one is arguably the easiest to try.

Update Furniture Arrangements

Most homeowners arrange their furniture according to personal comfort. For staging, you have to place the furniture in a way that optimizes space. Don’t put sofas and desks up against walls; create distinct, comfortable pathways for visitors to travel. Creating the right amount of space for buyers to envision their ideas in is essential for anyone trying to sell a home quickly.