Apartment Staging Mistakes That Can Cost You

Apartment Staging Mistakes That Can Cost You

Apartment Staging Mistakes That Can Cost You

written on December 9, 2020Home Staging

If you’re trying to sell an apartment, there are a few common slip-ups that can make your time on the market longer and less rewarding. To find the best ways to appeal to buyers, take the time to learn about the biggest apartment staging mistakes that can cost you a sale.

Putting Personal Items on Display

Newcomers to the world of staging might think it’s all about the arrangement of furniture, but this isn’t necessarily true. The goal of staging is to depersonalize the apartment and give it a new identity that will appeal to buyers on the market. So, while you might assume that keeping family pictures on display gives the home a warm, familial feeling, that’s not the case.

The same principle rings true for décor that symbolizes your political and religious beliefs. Staging should make it easier for buyers to connect with the apartment and cause their imagination to stir with potential design ideas. If you have belongings like school pictures on display, as delightful as your kids might be, it’s going to be harder for buyers to picture themselves making the space their own.

Careless Use of Colors

The color choice you use in each room can have a major impact on whether or not that space speaks to a certain buyer. To put it a bit less artistically, don’t have ugly paint and décor on display. That being said, “ugly” color choices are subjective, but in the world of interior design, there are specific colors that can help you appeal to others perusing the market—neutral shades.

If you’re unfamiliar with natural shades, it’s a class of color that includes white, black, beige, brown, and grey. That being said, how you use these colors is key. For instance, don’t pair a black couch with pillows that are the same shade of black. Instead, place some white or beige pillows to add some visual depth to the room without disrupting the neutral palette.

Lazy Lighting Arrangements

If the lightbulbs in your apartment are working, you might think there’s no need to replace them. If you don’t have incandescent lightbulbs in the apartment, swap out your currents bulbs for this type to create a warmer glow, which will help you create a warmer atmosphere. Also, if you have a great view from one or multiple windows that allows stunning sunlight to stream through, take full advantage of them when buyers stop by.

A nice stream of natural light helps any space feel more inviting and appealing. Furthermore, use reflective surfaces like mirrors to bounce light around a space to enhance its effect. Obviously, randomly placing a mirror in the middle of the room will be a bit off-putting, but if you naturally weave it into your décor, that mirror can help immensely.

Thanks to this crash course in the biggest apartment staging mistakes that can cost you, appealing to potential buyers should be much easier. If you’re an apartment owner in Texas who’s trying to sell, you’ve come to the right place. As one of Austin’s home staging companies, we can use our massive inventory and 10+ years of experience to help you make a sale.