7 Best Airbnb Amenities for Vacation Rentals

7 Best Airbnb Amenities for Vacation Rentals

written on November 21, 2022Vacation Rental Staging

If you own any number of vacation rentals, chances are, you want to ensure your guests are impressed with your property and have a wonderful time during your stay! Fortunately, one of the best (and easiest!) ways to impress most guests is with fabulous Airbnb amenities and thoughtful touches that help your listing stand out among the competition.

Not only do extra amenities enhance the experience, but they also ensure your guests leave positive reviews after staying at your property. Incorporate a few (or all!) of these Airbnb amenities that guests will appreciate into your short-term rental.

Top Amenities Your Airbnb Guests Will Love

Need some help thinking of creative amenities your guests will enjoy? We’ve got you covered. Incorporate these unique, thoughtful amenities in your rental:

1. Free Parking

This may be a given, but having free parking is a must if you want to secure more bookings for your rental. This amenity is a significant reason why people stay at a vacation rental over a hotel!

If you don’t have parking on-site, try to arrange a nearby location where guests can park without paying extra fees. If you have to charge for parking, work the cost into the price per night to ensure guests aren’t deterred by this additional fee.

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2. Pet-Friendly Spaces

More than ever before, guests want to travel with their pets—after all, pets are our family!

However, if you allow pets (especially dogs) in your rental, ensure that your space is prepared to welcome furry friends. Consider purchasing food and water bowls and installing a dog door, and ensure you provide a fenced-in area for dogs to run around, play, and use the bathroom when needed. We guarantee “pet parents” will appreciate the thoughtful touches in your pet-friendly space!

Pet friendly space in airbnb

3. Welcome Basket

Leaving a welcome gift is a nice touch and a great way to add some personalization to your rental. Perhaps you can leave a few larger bottles of wine for a couple celebrating their anniversary or leave some snacks, bottled water, and board games for a family reunion with a mix of adults and small children. You can even leave a bouquet of fresh flowers on the kitchen countertop as a thoughtful gift to the guests from the hosts!

Airbnb welcome basket

In the basket, you can also put important information, like house rules, the front door code, and the property manager’s cell phone number, so the guests have these notes easily accessible at all times.

4. Luxury Toiletries

It may seem simple, but it’s easy to forget to provide toiletries, like body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, for your guests. However, providing toiletries is crucial for your Airbnb since this is an amenity always provided in the bathroom of a hotel room.

Think about unique ways to elevate the guest experience. Does your Airbnb have a bathtub? Consider leaving bath bombs, bubble bath soap, and fluffy towels. Does your Airbnb frequently host kids? If so, consider leaving some kid-friendly shampoo, bath soap, or bath toys.

5. Clothing Supplies

There’s nothing more frustrating than traveling for a big conference, wedding, special event, or night out and needing to iron your wrinkly blouse, dress, or pants—only to realize there isn’t an iron or ironing board available in your rental.

It’s essential to have basic cleaning tools your guests would have at home, like an iron or steamer, sewing kit, or lint roller, so they can keep their clothes in great shape during their vacation. These amenities may be a “no-brainer,” but they go a long way to impress the guest!

6. Outdoor Amenities & Hot Tub

Paying close attention to the features in your backyard or on your private patio is critical for a five-star review—and there are tons of unique ways to enhance the backyard of your house.

If you have a swimming pool, be sure to provide beach towels, pool toys, and floaties for guests to use. If you have a fire pit, consider leaving s’mores supplies, like graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate, for your guests, and leave firewood so they can start the flames with ease. If you don’t have a hot tub, consider buying or installing one—these are a huge selling point for guests. Or, consider installing speakers outside, so your guests can play music while they’re lounging poolside or grilling dinner.

7. Dedicated Workspace

More than ever, remote workers and business travelers are combining work and leisure by taking vacations that allow time for both work and play. If you’d like to attract these potential guests to your rental, you’ll need to provide a designated workspace—whether that be an entire office space or a kitchen nook with a desk.

In addition to providing a workspace, it’s essential to ensure your entire house has fast Wi-Fi. Business guests don’t only use internet access for work—most people will want to connect to the internet on their mobile phones, and some may want to use Wi-Fi to watch movies or TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or other streaming services.

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