$127,500 Over Asking In Just 5 Days

Mike Archer

$127,500 Over Asking In Just 5 Days

Decluttering and “depersonalizing” are things we do everyday, especially on an “occupied” staging project.

A strategic and minimal staging approach at this home resulted in a swift sale significantly above the asking price. With the property boasting a screened pool and a strong floor plan, our task was to declutter and depersonalize, making the most of the homeowner's well-suited furnishings.

By refining the existing layout and adding select pieces, we highlighted the home's charm and functionality, particularly in challenging spaces. The process from initial consultation to contract took just over three weeks, with only seven days on the market before going under contract for $127,000 over asking.

This case reinforces the power of staging, even when simply enhancing what's already there. For a sale that exceeds expectations, our targeted staging services are at your disposal.

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