Manufactured Home Sold for 275K In 11 days!

Mike Archer

Manufactured Home Sold for 275K In 11 days!

This project was a classic “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” as a very common manufactured home was transformed into an unexpected oasis.

Before - Entryway After - Entryway

A modest manufactured home was elevated from ordinary to extraordinary, securing a contract in just 11 days. Our staging showcased the recent kitchen updates, new floors, and paint, while adding a touch of luxury and maximizing perceived space.

The challenge was to infuse personality into a common home type, making it stand out in the market. Our careful planning during the remodel phase, in collaboration with the Realtor on color choices and photo timing, ensured a swift listing.

The strategic staging of five main rooms, including a dual-zone living and office area, not only highlighted the home's best features but also sparked potential buyers' imaginations.

Interested in transforming your 'regular' home into a market sensation? Let's collaborate to create a stunning presentation.

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