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Colors for Florida Homes & Vacation Rentals

Colors for Florida Homes & Vacation Rentals

written on April 12, 2023Vacation Rental Staging

How to Choose Paint, Furniture & Decor

Whether you live in Florida and are looking to give your home a refresh, or you have purchased a vacation rental in Florida and want to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home that matches current design trends and color schemes — we have you covered.

Follow this guide to choose the perfect color palette for paint, furniture, and decor to create a cohesive home that matches your Florida lifestyle.

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Choose a Color Scheme Based on Your Architecture & Decorating Style

The style of your Florida home can play a significant role in the different colors of paint, furniture, and accessories you choose for your home. These are some of the most popular home designs in Florida — and the most popular colors to go with them.


Some Florida homes follow a Spanish-style color scheme that relies heavily on earth tones, like yellow, orange, and brown. These colors create a welcoming atmosphere. However, you can also incorporate neutral tones, like white and light gray, into your Spanish-style design for a more modern appearance.


Coastal homes, as you would imagine, are inspired by the beach — which is why they are so prevalent in Florida! The color palette for these homes tends to include neutral colors, like white and gray, with pops of color, like red, pink, yellow, and blue hues.

Contemporary coastal homes use muted paint colors, like pastel pink and pale blue, whereas traditional coastal homes rely more heavily on bright colors, like deep blue and bright yellow.


Contemporary homes rely on minimalist features, clean lines, and contrasting colors. For example, many modern homes feature a light exterior paint color, such as white or gray, but dark accent colors, like dark trim and windows.

The same goes for the interior of the home. You may opt for a true white house but choose bold color choices, like black, navy, or dark gray, for furniture and accessories. This style helps to maintain the clean lines and minimalism that contemporary homes are known for.


Traditional homes have been around for centuries and are the most popular home style in the United States. Typically, these homes feature popular colors and timeless shades, like blue, white, gray, or beige, on both the home’s exterior and interior.


Mediterranean-style homes perfectly match a laid-back, coastal Florida lifestyle. With this design, you will find that neutral colors with warm undertones perfectly match the natural look of the stucco, brick, or terracotta elements in the home’s design.

However, choosing an accent color for the home’s interior, such as light blue, dusty pink, or timeless gold, will enhance the natural tones in the rest of the design.


Victorian homes boast intricate wood paneling and trim, stained glass windows, and towers, turrets, and dormers. These homes often feature complementary colors on the color wheel — like dark green and burgundy, and other bold colors and rich tones, like gold and ivory.

Key West

You will only find this design style in the “Sunshine State” — particularly in Miami or the Florida Keys. Key West homes emphasize bright colors, like pink, turquoise, orange, and yellow, to give your Florida home a vibrant, tropical feel.

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Choose a Color Palette Based on Your Rooms

Your Florida home’s style may play a role in the paint colors you choose for your dream home. However, you may be inspired to choose cool colors over warm tones or bright colors over muted shades, depending on the room you are decorating.

This is what painting professionals suggest for each room in your house:


Your bathroom should feel relaxing, clean, and energizing. After all, you (or your guests) will spend time unwinding in the shower or bathtub after a long day. You can emulate this vibe with the color schemes listed below:

  • Serene — Blue is a favorite color for bathrooms because it is so peaceful, and when paired with white, it gives your bathroom a clean look.
  • Calming — Green is a refreshing and calming color for bathroom walls when paired with refreshing white accents.
  • Vibrant — Yellow is a bright, cheerful, and refreshing color that can lighten up any bathroom space or add a “pop” or color to a white room.

Living Room

Living rooms are a bit of a “free for all” when it comes to painting and decorating. Of course, you want to choose a welcoming color palette, but you also have the creative liberty to design the perfect vibe in your living room that matches your style with a fresh coat of paint.

  • Cheerful — If you want to create a sunny, inviting living room that reflects natural light, choose warm shades, like yellows, oranges, and pinks, for your primary color.
  • Refreshing — Create a relaxing atmosphere in your living room with cool green or blue walls and neutral furniture.
  • Welcoming — Choose rich and inviting colors, like deep red, brown, or orange, to create a cozy space that will make everyone feel at home.
  • Classy — Stick to classic colors, like white, cream, gray, and beige, with a small “pop” of a light color, like blush or pale green, to create a luxurious living room.


You spend a lot of time cooking, cleaning, and entertaining in your kitchen. It is important to choose a color scheme for your kitchen that makes it one of your favorite rooms in the house!

  • Vibrant — Select a bright color for your kitchen, like yellow or orange, to create a sunny environment that also gives a clean, crisp vibe.
  • Timeless — Choose jewel tones, like emerald, ruby, or sapphire, for a calming and relaxed atmosphere in your kitchen that will never go out of style.
  • Neutral — Select neutral colors for your kitchen walls, like beige, white, and tan, and add pops of bright color with your backsplash and kitchen appliances.


Bedrooms should be a place where you and your guests feel relaxed and at ease. You can paint all your bedrooms the same color or choose different colors for each of your bedrooms, like we suggest below:

  • Master Bedroom — Choose a timeless color for a master bedroom that offers a sense of elegance and luxury, like a warm beige or deep burgundy.
  • Kids’ Bedrooms — Add creative pops of colors in kids’ rooms, or add a fun theme if your rental is near a theme park, like Harry Potter or Disney Princesses.
  • Guest Bedrooms — Select neutral colors for a guest room. You cannot go wrong with clean white walls and decorating with muted colors.

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