Common Mistakes To Avoid When Staging a Home

Avoid These Common House Staging Mistakes

Avoid These Common House Staging Mistakes

written on September 4, 2020Home Staging

As beneficial as it is to stage a home before showing it to buyers, if you make some of the common staging mistakes, you won’t create that appeal. This guide will teach you the three most common mistakes to avoid when staging a home if you want to ensure a smooth sale. Hiring reputable home stagers will help you avoid these problems, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial for you to have a good knowledge of the subject as well.

Forgetting To Depersonalize

When you’re looking at furniture to stage your home with, keep in mind that you’re not trying to appeal to your taste. Depersonalizing the property is vital when staging the home because you want to create a blank slate for buyers to place their own vision on top of. That being said, creating a good blank slate for that purpose isn’t as easy as just removing all the furniture and painting everything white. You basically want to create a visually appealing foundation for the buyer’s imagination to inject with their own personal taste.

Placing Furniture Against the Wall

Placing furniture up against a wall is very common but it’s rarely the right move. In some cases, it can work, but for the most part, you should allow furniture to fill in dead space instead of creating it. Bringing furniture, especially furniture meant for sitting like chairs and couches, closer together in the center of the room creates a more welcoming, conversational atmosphere.

Sometimes it can be tough to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and choose something with wider appeal, which is why having a professional interior designer or home stager by your side is key. They are a knowledgeable third-party that can help you find a new identity and purpose for any room.

Over-Staging your Home

As mentioned above, it’s important to use the space of each room to your advantage with amenities like chairs and couches. However, always remember that it’s not advantageous to use too much furniture. Over-staging one or multiple rooms with too many pieces of furniture will create more clutter, which is counter-productive when you’re staging a home. The property should have an inviting feel to it, and that’s going to be hard to accomplish if one or more rooms look like a storage area instead of a living space.

Now that you’re up to speed on these common mistakes to avoid when staging a home, you can prevent them from hurting your sale. It might sound very doom-and-gloom, but as you can see from the points above, these mistakes are very easy to avoid. They can have an impact on your sale if they do occur, but that’s why it’s valuable to have a professional and the right knowledge beforehand. If you need help home staging in San Antonio, TX, The Staging Company can provide you with the experience and inventory to do it effectively.