DIY Staging vs. Professional Home Staging

DIY Staging vs. Professional Home Staging

DIY Staging vs. Professional Home Staging

written on May 14, 2021Home Staging

Home staging is a common method that home sellers use to move properties off the market quickly. Today, we’ll dive into a conundrum that many first-time home sellers run into—DIY staging vs. professional home staging. DIY homeowners might think staging is the perfect project to do themselves, but as you’ll learn below, that’s not quite the case.

Professional Staging

Working with a professional home stager gives you access to longtime industry techniques. The right stager will help out in areas that many homeowners struggle with. For instance, experts can depersonalize the property while still keeping the home attractive to a wide range of buyers. Likewise, professional stagers can help you find the perfect furniture arrangement to optimize space and style simultaneously. To put it simply—home staging experts know how to make your home appeal to buyers. Moving around furniture might sound simple enough, but it’s a bit more complex in this context.

Additionally, homeowners themselves may not have furniture clean, stylish, or generic enough for a successful DIY staging project. A reliable stager can provide a variety of furniture to homeowners when staging. For example, one attribute of our home staging in Austin is access to a wide inventory of furniture. Each property requires a unique solution, which is where the intuition and inventory of professional stagers come in handy.

DIY Staging

When it comes to DIY staging, you don’t have to pay a professional, so you’re saving a bit of money. Unfortunately, that’s where the benefits of DIY staging end. Professionals with years of staging properties under their belts have better problem-solving skills and creative intuition in this regard than a newcomer will. Constantly moving around your furniture to find the right layout can also be time-consuming and annoying. Luckily, working with experts can prevent these issues.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with being a DIY type of homeowner, but staging is a situation you should leave to the pros if you want the best results. After all, home staging is a method for moving properties off the market quicker; results will vary if you risk a DIY approach. When it comes to choosing DIY staging or professional home staging, suffice it to say, stick with the experts.