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7 Florida Interior Design Ideas for 2023

7 Florida Interior Design Ideas for 2023

written on October 21, 2022Design Trends, Feature

If you live in Florida, you already know the “Sunshine State” is a spectacular place to live. The warm weather and gorgeous beaches are just a small part of what makes living in Florida so great—but they are also a tremendous inspiration for interior design!

In 2023, Florida homeowners are beginning to embrace the following design elements that abandon minimalist interior design and basic elements. Instead, they are starting to incorporate tropical patterns, loud designs, and natural elements into their Florida homes.

Top Florida Interior Design Ideas for 2023

Take a look at these popular interior design ideas for Florida homes to get some inspiration for your Florida house in 2023!

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1. Busy Patterns

Busy patterns are “all the rage” in 2023. You can incorporate dynamic patterns in several places, from countertops and floors to wallpapers or area rugs.

It’s ideal to use loud patterns in rooms in your Florida home where you spend lots of time, such as the kitchen or living room. In these spaces, busy patterns can feel bright and energizing. However, in rooms where you spend your time relaxing, like a bedroom, loud patterns may feel distracting, so it might be good to tone down this unique style in these rooms.

2. Tropical Accents

You may assume tropical accents are loud and flashy—but they are quite the opposite! Florida homes, especially those by the ocean, can embrace tropical decor and beachy furniture to create a “chic coastal” style. This style is popular to incorporate across the whole house, but especially in living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms in Florida.

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Common features of this elegant style include neutral palettes, earthy fabrics, like cotton, linen, natural wood, and bamboo, and cool accent shades, like blue and green. Plus, if you have a good view of the beach from your living room or kitchen, you should accentuate this view as much as possible with your decor!

3. Neutral Tones

Soft, earthy, neutral tones have been a consistent trend for houses in Florida, and they’re a great way to balance out the busy patterns, textures, and designs that are growing in popularity in 2023.

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However, light, neutral palettes are also ideal for Florida decor since they can help to keep your interiors cool despite the hot temperatures. They can also make your home feel more spacious, modern, and comfortable!

4. Background Walls

Background walls (or statement walls) are an ultra-modern design and a prevalent trend in 2023. They are especially popular in rooms you often use, like a living room, kitchen, or home office.

However, the way you style your background wall should be unique to the room. For example, an office may be the perfect place for a full-wall bookshelf that looks great as a background for video calls—but is also a super functional place to store books.

In a kitchen, you may want to create a dedicated wall with open shelves where you can display all your dishes, pots, and pans. In your living room, you may simply want to paint a mural that effortlessly ties in with the furniture, decor, metallic accents, and style of the room. The choice is yours!

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5. Organic Materials & Natural Elements

Florida decor has always embraced organic materials, like wool, wood, cotton, clay, ceramic, terracotta, and natural elements, like plants. However, a visit to your local furniture store will tell you this well-rounded look isn’t popular in just Florida anymore—it’s now a trendy decor style across the country!

There are tons of ways to incorporate natural elements into your home. You can fill your home with houseplants and flowers, opt to replace tile countertops and flooring with natural stone, and incorporate natural wood furniture into your living room or bedrooms. Your space will begin feeling more earthy, natural, and calm in no time!

6. Home Office

If you didn’t already have a home office before 2020—you probably realized you had an urgent need for one after the pandemic. Remote work, or at least a “hybrid” schedule, has become much more prevalent in recent years, so having a dedicated workspace is a must!

In 2023, your Florida home office should maximize productivity and functionality—whatever that looks like for you. Some rooms feature bright lighting and high ceilings, others feature wood furniture and neutral colors, and others feature modern technology and cozy furniture. The style of your office space is entirely up to you—simply having an office is what’s most important!

7. Lavender Tones

Lavender is a can’t-miss interior design trend for all homes in 2023—Florida or elsewhere. While lavender may be seen as a bold color choice, it’s actually perceived as a cheerful, calming, grounding shade that can create a relaxing environment in your Florida house.

You can incorporate fun lavender accents with a statement wall, throw pillows, or a simple home decor piece. Lavender is a cool color, so it’s also an excellent match for the “chic coastal” style that’s so popular in Florida design.

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