Helpful Depersonalizing Tips for Home Sellers

How to Depersonalize Your Home To Sell Fast

How to Depersonalize Your Home To Sell Fast

written on April 26, 2021Home Staging

One of the most important elements of home staging is depersonalizing the entire property. Understandably, successfully depersonalizing a home without removing all sense of style and atmosphere is something newcomers to the subject struggle with. Thankfully, these helpful depersonalizing tips for home sellers will show you the ropes. 

Replace Your Décor

Most homeowners add décor to their property that speaks to them on a personal level. From artwork lining the walls to memorabilia lining the shelves, there are many ways homeowners can express themselves through interior design. When it comes time to appeal to buyers, stripping that personal touch from the home is crucial, hence “depersonalizing.”

That doesn’t mean your personal taste is awful, but it might not appeal to the various buyers who walk through the property. Particularly, be sure to remove any overtly religious, political, or otherwise potentially offensive décor from each room before showing off the property.

Update Your Palette

Not only should your décor offer a neutral palette for buyers to work from, but so should your color scheme. Maybe you took a warm approach, showcasing bright yellows and oranges throughout each room. On the other hand, maybe you didn’t pay much attention to how the color of your paint and décor mix. Don’t worry; most homeowners aren’t interior designers, so lacking a cohesive color scheme isn’t a crime.

That said, before showing off your home to buyers, looking at the current color palette and updating when necessary is essential. The perfect palette for depersonalizing properties is neutral. If you’re unfamiliar with neutral colors, they mainly consist of beige, grey, black, and white. Although these might not be your favorite colors, neutrals offer the perfect way to create a blank slate while still retaining a subtle touch of style and class.

Simplify Your Layout

If you have a shelving unit full of sports memorabilia, old school figurines, or some other type of collectible, don’t feel the need to replace each one with a new piece of décor. Likewise, don’t cram too much new furniture into a space in an attempt to boost the space’s aesthetic. The simplest approach can be the most successful. If a room is too busy with belongings and design choices, it can be tough for buyers to lay their own vision on top of the property. As we’ve touched on throughout this guide, you want to create a stylish blank slate for buyers to build off of. Finding subtle ways to organize a living space can be tough for novices; however, having a professional interior designer or home stager by your side can help you find the right approach.

Reading these helpful depersonalizing tips for home sellers will allow you to conquer a major learning curve early on in your sale. Even with professionals by your side, having an understanding of depersonalization can make the whole staging process much more straightforward. If you’re ready to begin updating your property for buyers, don’t hesitate to contact us today for home staging services in Texas.