Home Staging: Tips for Staging Your Basement

Home Staging: Tips for Staging Your Basement

Home Staging: Tips for Staging Your Basement

written on October 16, 2020Home Staging

When you’re preparing your home for the real estate market, one of the most important steps to take in order to appeal to buyers is home staging. Tips for staging your basement, like the ones below, are especially beneficial to homeowners due to how dirty, dark, and cluttered residential basements can be. Taking the time to improve your basement can improve your chances of finding the right buyer sooner than later.


Clutter covers a broad range of materials, whether its action figures lying on the floor or boxes piled in a corner. The reason that decluttering is so beneficial to residential basements is that many homeowners use this area for storage.

Holiday decorations, boxes of old pictures or yearbooks, and that guitar you thought you’d became an expert at are just a few of the common personal belongings that wind up in storage over the years. Although using basements for storage isn’t uncommon, you can’t have stacks of boxes laying around when buyers come around. Decluttering provides the basement with more space and gives it an all-around cleaner look.


Just as basements can be synonymous with clutter, they can also be synonymous with darkness. An additional way to make your basement stand out is with good lighting. The easiest way to do this is by installing LED bulbs, which will give your basement a bright, energy-efficient source of light. Another way to do this is by installing window wells, which bring natural light from the outside straight into your basement.

Improving the lighting will help you showcase the space and cleanliness of the room while also providing it with a warm atmosphere. If you want your basement to feel as welcoming as any other room in the house, prioritizing lighting is one of the best ways to do it.


A key part of home staging is giving each room a purpose while also keeping it simple enough that buyers can view it as a clean slate to build off of, literally and figuratively. This is why, when staging your basement, you don’t want it to simply be a large empty space, even if it does look bright, clean, and free of clutter. Finishing your basement with a specific purpose in mind will become very beneficial when you’re showing it off to buyers. For instance, you can add some seating and space for a TV to construct an entertainment center.

On the other hand, you can use some simple props such as a workout bench to create the perfect starting point for a home gym area. It’s all about finding that happy medium between decluttering and depersonalizing the room while still filling it with the right furniture and props.

Having the help of professional home staging services will be handy in situations like this because, if you’re unsure of what purpose the basement should serve, you can look to them for creative assistance. When it comes to home staging, tips for staging your basement aren’t something you should take lightly. By taking the time to stage your basement along with the rest of the house, you can increase your chances of getting it off the market at a good pace and, of course, a good price.