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How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Luxurious: An Expert Guide

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Luxurious: An Expert Guide

written on January 17, 2024Interior Design

Have you ever wondered how to make a small bathroom look luxurious? Small bathrooms don’t always have the space for the same luxury features as a spacious master bathroom, like a giant freestanding tub, tons of comfortable seating, and ample built-in storage space.

However, even a small guest bathroom or a downstairs powder room can feel more luxurious with the right enhancements. And, you won’t even have to add square footage to your bathroom — which is great if you’re working with a tight floor plan (or don’t want to be stuck without a functioning bathroom for months on end).

Clever Ways to Create a Luxury Experience in a Small Bathroom

There are several ways to make a tiny bathroom feel more luxurious — and while some ideas require a full-scale bathroom remodeling project, others are easy enough to do right now with the help of an interior decorator.

Read through the list below for all our best tips and tricks for creating a spa-like experience in your small bathroom.

1. Remove the Clutter

The truth is — a small bathroom equals less space for storage. And the easiest way to make your small bathroom feel even smaller is with a bunch of unnecessary clutter.

Even if you can creatively maximize the space in your small bathroom with smart storage like under-sink cabinets, an above-the-toilet organizer, or sleek medicine cabinets, you’ll still need to cut down on the items stored in this tiny space. Find a hiding place for everything but the essentials — like hand soap, bath towels, and toilet paper — to keep your small bathroom from looking too crowded.

2. Add a Walk-In Shower

how to make a small bathroom look luxurious

Nothing feels less luxurious in a small bathroom than an outdated porcelain tub with an ugly shower curtain. Sure, bathtubs can be practical, but if you’re on a mission to create a luxurious bathroom, we recommend tearing out the tub and replacing it with a walk-in shower.

A walk-in shower with floor-to-ceiling glass shower doors, a shower bench, and beautiful wall and floor tile will instantly make a small bathroom feel luxurious. You can shake it up and add a different tile on the walls and the floor — like marble slabs on the wall and penny tile on the floor space — to add some visual interest.

3. Enhance Natural Lighting

Small bathrooms are notorious for having limited natural light — some don’t even have windows. That said, while natural lighting from windows, skylights, and floor-to-ceiling windows is the best way to make your bathroom look more luxurious and spacious, other lighting alternatives are sometimes necessary when it comes to illuminating a small bathroom.

Consider creative ways to incorporate more lighting in your small bathroom without taking up extra space. LED mirrors or lighted medicine cabinets, strip lighting under cabinets and drawers, vertical wall sconces, sleek pendants, and elegant chandeliers are all excellent options.

4. Choose the Right Color Scheme

White counter with shampoo bottles, hand towels, toiletries over blurred modern bright white bathroom interior.

In addition to installing more lighting in your bathroom, painting the walls a light, neutral color — like white, gray, or cream — can make a very small bathroom feel more spacious, clean, and luxurious. Light colors reflect light, instantly adding more visual space to a compact room.

Though an all-white bathroom is always an elegant, foolproof option, a black-and-white bathroom (a white bathroom with small black details) can be just as luxurious.

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5. Invest in Natural Materials

Here’s the deal. The shower tile you choose to install in your shower can make your bathroom feel like a luxurious spa getaway or a high school boy’s locker room. The same goes for the vanity — laminate countertops look cheap, while stone countertops look elegant and classy.

If you want a luxurious bathroom, investing in natural materials for a high-end finish is important. Marble, stone, and wood are all great examples of natural materials that will add a luxurious feel to the entire bathroom — and swapping out a countertop or shower material won’t take up any extra room in a small space.

6. Match All the High-End Fixtures

One of the best ways to give your small bathroom a cohesive, luxurious feel is to replace old fixtures with new, matching fixtures for a high-end look. Consider changing out the towel bar, the shower head, the cabinet hardware, and the light fixtures — and make sure they all match (or at least coordinate) to create a more luxurious bathroom.

If you opt for an all-white bathroom, choosing matte black fixtures is a great way to enhance a modern bathroom with eye-catching appeal.

7. Invest in Luxury Upgrades

Empty bathroom with gray colored shower wall behind white metal towel warming rack with a pink folded towel on top.

There are several high-end upgrades to include in your bathroom makeover that don’t take up extra space but totally make the room feel more luxurious.

For example, replace your regular towel rack with a heated towel rack so guests can wrap themselves in a warm, fluffy towel when getting out of the shower. And to keep the space even more toasty, consider installing heated floors — this will be an upgrade you’ll be glad to have during the chilly winter months.

If you’re feeling especially bougie, you can even install an aromatherapy shower head that will diffuse relaxing scents, like lavender, eucalyptus, and jasmine, to give guests (or yourself!) a fresh, rejuvenating feeling during every rinse!

8. Hire an Interior Decorator

If you’re wondering how to make a small bathroom look luxurious quickly, we recommend calling an interior decorator.

An interior decorator can enhance the most attractive qualities of your small bathroom, like the bathroom vanity or walk-in shower, with the right furniture and decor. They can also downplay the not-so-luxurious features to enhance the overall look and feel of your bathroom design.

Get More Luxurious Small Bathroom Ideas from THE STAGING COMPANY

You don’t need more space in a small bathroom to create a luxurious experience for yourself or your guests. All you need is an expert interior decorator (and maybe a remodeling company, depending on the extent of your project) who can help you remove the clutter from your small bathroom and replace it with beautiful accents and luxurious features!

If you’re looking for an interior decorating company in Texas or Florida, our team at THE STAGING COMPANY would love to help you create the home interior you’ve been dreaming of.

Contact us today to learn more about our interior decorating services and to get started on your project!

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