Interior Design Tips From the Experts

Interior Design Tips From the Experts

Interior Design Tips From the Experts

written on September 25, 2020Interior Design

Interior design is a topic that can seem pretty intimidating to the uninitiated. Considering we’ve been in the business since 2008, we’ve chosen to put together a list of three essential interior design tips to help ease homeowners into the topic. These interior design tips from the experts will help homeowners bring their vision to life in a clear, appealing way.

Don’t Lose Focus

The interior design choices you make are heavily dependent on the purpose of the project in the first place. Are you designing or re-designing a home you plan on living in for many years, or are you freshening up the place before putting it up for sale? If you’re preparing the home for potential buyers, then you should depersonalize each room. However, if you’re updating the property for your own enjoyment, then you want to stick to color palettes and other design choices that reflect your personality. Furthermore, each room you’re designing should serve some sort of purpose—guest bedroom, gaming room, home office, etc. That way, designing the room will feel less aimless.

Take Advantage of Your Lighting

Good lighting is more complex than just flipping a light switch on and off. Lighting can help homeowners elevate the mood of each room in a very specific way. For instance, if you’re designing a room that has a window, take advantage of that natural lighting during the day to create a warm, welcoming feeling. Now that you have a specific mood you want to achieve, design choices like paint and furniture colors should be much easier to figure out and more focused. Another popular way to fully utilize mood lighting is with a dimmer switch. Installing a dimmer switch instead of your average flip switch gives you the opportunity to meticulously adjust the lighting to capture a specific mood at any given moment.

Seating and Socializing

It’s very common for homeowners to place furniture like couches and other forms of seating up against a wall. There’s nothing inherently wrong this, but it does create negative space in the room. If you have a plan to fill in that space, then that’s great, but if the purpose of the room is to promote socializing, you should strongly consider pulling the seating away from the wall. By doing that, seating is closer together and conversation will feel more natural, which wouldn’t be the case if you and your guests are yelling across the room at one another.

Even if you’re new to the topic, these interior design tips from the experts will help you gain a better grasp of how small design details can have a large impact on any given room. That way, when you team with a professional interior designer, the process of achieving your vision should go smoothly. As one of the most resourceful staging companies near San Antonio, we have the expertise and the inventory to help homeowners in Texas bring their visions to life with equal parts precision and visual appeal.