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9 Best Multifunctional Furniture for Small Spaces

9 Best Multifunctional Furniture for Small Spaces

written on June 30, 2023Vacation Rental Staging

One of the biggest challenges of furnishing small living spaces is finding stylish furniture that will save floor space while still serving all the practical purposes you need — from dining and sleeping to relaxing and entertaining guests.

Many homeowners and property owners solve this problem by decorating small spaces with multifunctional furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes. Furniture that can serve “double duty” allows you to make the most of limited spaces in a small apartment, cozy condo, or full house and prevents the layout from feeling cluttered, cramped, or crowded.

Multipurpose Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

If you’d benefit from multifunctional furniture to make the most of limited space in your home or rental property, consider the following pieces of furniture for small spaces.

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1. Lift-Top Coffee Table

Don’t have room for much living room furniture but need some extra storage space? If so, lift-top coffee tables are an excellent investment. You can put everything you need on top of the coffee table, like coasters or drinks, but when it’s opened, you’ll find a hollow interior with enough space to store board games, charging cables, or other knick knacks.

2. Convertible Sleeper Chairs

You’ve heard of a sofa bed — but have you ever heard of a convertible sleeper chair? Like a pull-out couch, these chairs can convert into a small double bed on demand. They’re a great piece of multifunctional furniture to have on hand if you don’t have room for a sleeper couch — it allows you to accommodate an extra guest in the living room or a guest bedroom.

3. Storage Ottoman

Storage ottomans are an excellent furniture piece for creating additional storage space in the living room (or even an office or bedroom!). Not only can you kick up your feet and relax after a long day, but you won’t have to feel stressed about unnecessary clutter. While these ottomans are similar to lift-top coffee tables, they are usually large enough to store bulkier items, like blankets and pillows.

4. Multipurpose Side Table

Side tables are a practical addition to any living room — they provide the perfect surface to place drinks and snacks on to prevent spills on the sofa. However, when you live in a small space, there often isn’t enough space for a side table.

Fortunately, multipurpose side tables can solve this problem. These tables can be used just like a regular end table but are equipped with extra storage space underneath and USB ports that allow you to charge your phone, computer, or other devices from the comfort of the couch. Sometimes, you can even find a floor lamp with a multipurpose end table attached to really make the most of a small space.

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5. Floating Desk with Shelves

Bulky books can take up a lot of room, and often, small spaces don’t have enough room to install an entire bookshelf. So, why not install a desk with floating shelves? The desk is large enough to fit a lamp and computer to create a cozy workspace, but the shelves above can store books, frames, and other items you wouldn’t have room to display otherwise.

6. Convertible Dining Table

If you own a vacation rental, you already know the importance of incorporating attractive features and amenities into your home that will allow the property to stand out. So, instead of having just a regular ol’ dining table — what if you instead had a convertible dining table that could be transformed into a gaming table in seconds?

If you don’t have space for a game room, a convertible dining table is an excellent investment for your dining area! After everyone has finished eating dinner, clear the plates and utensils from the dining table and remove the wooden cover to reveal a felted gaming table with drink holders, dice bins, card slots, and other features. It’s an excellent multifunctional furniture piece that offers the perfect combination of function and fun!

7. Loft Bed with Storage

Loft Bed with Storage

When you live in a small space, one of the best ways to create more room is to remove as many furniture pieces from the floor as possible. So, naturally, a loft bed is an excellent space-saving multifunctional furniture idea — especially for guest rooms or children’s rooms in your home or vacation rental.

When you remove the bed from the ground, your imagination is the limit for how to use the area underneath. You can install cabinets and shelves to use for additional storage, install a desk to create a cozy work-from-home corner, or add a sofa and TV to create a relaxing place to lounge around.

8. Kitchen Counter Breakfast Bar

You don’t have to have a huge kitchen island — or even a kitchen table — to enjoy meals in the kitchen. Simply find a few stools that you can tuck under your kitchen counter to create a breakfast bar. This small addition adds more seating to your kitchen without getting in the way while you cook meals.

9. Murphy Bed with an Integrated Table

Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed with an integrated table is an excellent option for spaces where you don’t have enough room to fit a bed and dining table in the same area, like in studio apartments. These beds and tables rest against the wall when they’re not in use but can be lifted down when it’s time to use them.

Make the Most of Small Spaces with Multifunctional Furniture Styled by THE STAGING COMPANY

It can be difficult to find furniture for small spaces — it requires some creativity to find multifunctional furniture pieces like these that serve practical purposes.

If you need help styling a small house, apartment, condo, or vacation rental, our team at THE STAGING COMPANY would love to help. We offer professional decorating solutions for property owners that will add instant appeal to your short-term rental in San Antonio, Austin, Tampa, Orlando, and other cities across Texas and Florida.

Reach out to our team to make your small space more appealing with multifunctional furniture you (and your guests) will love.

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