Home Staging Sells: 10 Reasons to Stage Your House

Home Staging Sells: 10 Reasons to Stage Your House

written on April 22, 2020Home Staging

Staging a house is the process of redesigning the interior, and sometimes exterior, of a home. Specifically, this is done to appeal to potential buyers when a house is being sold. Some realtors or homeowners may not see the purpose in this. However, by taking a look at these reasons to stage your house before selling it, you’ll understand why this is such a popular and successful practice.

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Increases the Chance of a Sale

Selling a home can sometimes be a long, stressful process. That’s why staging a home is so popular—it helps speed up the process of selling. When potential buyers can walk through your home and experience it first-hand, you’re more likely to get an offer early on. Making a first impression is always important, which is what makes this staging process so useful when done in the right manner.

Potential Buyers Can Picture Themselves Living There

One of the biggest reasons this enhances your chance of a sale is because the buyers can picture themselves living their day-to-day routine already. This is why making the property less personal is the most important step of staging—you want visitors to mentally move in by the time they’ve left the walkthrough. It can help instill a “fear of missing out” in your potential buyer, which can entice them to make their decision promptly.

Makes a Home Look More Organized

Some potential buyers may see your everyday setup at home as messy. It may not be messy to you, but a potential buyer with a different lifestyle may not see it that way. By cleaning out your belongings and refocusing each room’s purpose, the whole house can look cleaner and more organized.

Go for That “Wow” Factor

Going for that “wow” factor is another important pillar in increasing the chance of a sale. This can be done in various ways. It can be achieved by showing off beautiful furniture, room layouts, or even the basic purpose of the room. You can wow people by showing them something they didn’t realize they wanted, or even by showing them exactly what they wanted and didn’t think they’d find. Either way, you want your home to stand out among the other home sellers in the area.

Sets You Apart from the Competition

Wherever you’re selling your home, there’s a good chance more homeowners are doing the same thing in your area. On the other hand, potential buyers can go to different areas to look for the right place, because even if someone else isn’t selling in your neighborhood, they surely are in other neighborhoods. As popular as home staging is, it’s not a process that every single homeowner does. So, by going the extra mile to reinvent your home for potential buyers, it can have more of a lasting impact than those who chose not to stage.

Can Increase Appraisal Value

There are many factors that appraisers consider when they determine your home’s value. Factors such as your home’s distance from schools and restaurants, as well as your home’s square footage, play a pivotal role in your appraisal value. However, staging your home can help improve your value, as well. For instance, curb appeal plays a huge role both in properly staging the home and getting a higher appraisal. Likewise, presenting a beautiful and clean interior to the appraiser will also help you get the best appraisal possible.

Amplifies the Home’s Features

Part of staging a home is establishing a purpose for each room. You have to analyze every room’s features and flaws. By doing that, you can properly magnify those features to show potential buyers. An aspect of your home that might brighten up a room can suddenly become the centerpiece of that room after you take out your own memorabilia. Once the homeowner has moved out to make way for staging, you don’t want to suddenly showcase an empty home to potential buyers. Bringing in some new furniture and redesigning the home’s interior gives you a chance to establish and amplify the best aspect of each room in the home.

The Home’s Flaws Can Be Disguised

There are few perfect homes out there, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be perfect to you—or in this case, potential buyers. Maybe the home is on a busy street, or on the other hand, maybe it’s too far from certain stores or areas the buyers frequently visit. However, blowing visitors away by a beautiful interior will help them overlook those flaws. Just because a home doesn’t sound like the right fit on paper for a potential buyer, doesn’t mean it can’t pull at their heartstrings in an effective way once they’ve stepped inside.

Makes Your Home Looker Bigger

By removing the day-to-day clutter in the home you’re staging, you can make it feel more spacious and, therefore, more welcoming. This aids in the ability for potential buyers to imagine certain things they want in specific areas of the house without having to picture it over your Xbox or your laundry hamper. Even installing new furniture, when planned accordingly, can enhance the space of each room in a way you may have never imagined.

Offers Homeowners an Early Chance to Pack

Moving out your belongings to make way for staging can be a blessing in disguise. By doing this, you get a head start on boxing up all your stuff for when it comes time to move into your new home. Instead of leaving packing to the last minute like many people do, you can get it out of the way early on. Buying and selling a new home is a complicated process and among the most stressful aspects are organizing, boxing, and moving belongings. It may always be stressful doing this process, but by doing it so early, you no longer have to worry about it. Think about it like ripping off a band-aid. It’s a necessary pain, but you’ll feel better about getting it over with sooner rather than later.

As you can see, these reasons to stage your house before selling revolve around making the right impression on the right buyer. Thankfully, The Staging Company offers comprehensive home staging and interior design services to help make this process as stress-free and cost-effective as possible. Taking the homey feeling out of your house is always a bittersweet moment, but that will all be worth it when another buyer discovers the home’s beauty—just like you did when you initially moved in. By keeping that warm feeling on your mind when staging your home, you can achieve the magic that every buyer is looking for in their dream home.

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Worried about selling in this market? We’re not..... Sell your house over a month faster with THE STAGING COMPANY.