Small Details To Consider When Staging Your Home

Small Details To Consider When Staging Your Home

Small Details To Consider When Staging Your Home

written on October 30, 2020Home Staging

Staging increases your home’s visual appeal, but if you’re not looking at the right details, you might make some simple decisions that can hurt its appeal. Don’t let this stress you out. Enhancing these details is easy if you know what to look for. This guide will break down three small details to consider when staging your home that, in the end, will help you get the property off the market in a comfortable timeframe.


Wall Space

A key part of home staging is depersonalizing, which you can do by removing family pictures and other personalized pieces of décor you might have on the walls. That said, you shouldn’t just leave walls completely empty. For instance, hanging some tasteful artwork can add a solid amount of visual appeal.

Another great way to use walls is by adding mirrors, which can make rooms look larger when placed strategically. You can also strategically use mirrors by setting them up in a way that allows natural light to bounce around the room. Something to keep in mind while utilizing your wall space is that you don’t want to overstuff every wall with paintings and mirrors. Finding a happy medium between too much and too little free wall space will help you boost visual appeal instead of hurt it.


Furniture Arrangement

It’s not rare for homeowners to place seating such as couches and chairs up against the wall. The truth, however, is that this is a misuse of furniture and space. If you like that arrangement while you’re living in the house, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, when you’re staging the home for buyers, you should rearrange that furniture to enhance the atmosphere and visual appeal.

By pulling seating away from the wall, you can create a warm, welcoming area that’s great for socializing or relaxing during the day. Although you might think pulling furniture into the middle of the room is going to make it feel claustrophobic, it typically will have the opposite effect and will make the room seem larger. This is a small detail that’s going to make it much easier for buyers to envision themselves living in the home and injecting their own personality into it.


Pleasant Smells

Staging a home requires thorough cleaning in every room. You might think the strong smell that your cleaning products create is pleasant enough to attract buyers, but most of the time, it’s just going to make the home smell like a janitor’s closet. Instead, consider setting up some scented candles that can create very distinct, pleasant aromas. Baking some fresh cookies is another creative way to produce a nice, nostalgic aroma in the home. If you’re not much of a baker or don’t want to deal with the clean-up, don’t worry—candles will suffice.

Now that you’re more familiar with these small details to consider when staging your home, your property is going to stand out in a positive way when buyers stop by. If you’re in need of professional home stagers to assist in using your property’s full potential to attract buyers, we can help. At The Staging Company, we can utilize the ideas above, and many more, when home staging Texas properties to get the property ready for the real estate market.