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Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

written on October 14, 2019Home Staging

Gallery walls can be such a cool focal point in the home. It is a way to add tons of interest to a room while also showcasing your design style. There are some websites that have multiple prints already grouped together that you can buy, which is a good option, but it is also fun to create your own. You could create a gallery of family photos, art prints, or a mixture of both. If you are wanting to create a gallery wall in your home, below are some tips and photos to help get you started.

Creating a gallery wall of family photos is pretty straightforward. Simply print out photos that you want to showcase, put them into frames, and hang them up. For a clean look, try to get frames that are matching or look similar.

Choose different size frames to add interest. It can also be a good option to have all photos printed in black and white, that way the wall will not clash with the rest of the decor in your home.

If you are wanting a gallery wall that is a mixture of art prints and personal photos, my main tip is to limit the personal photos to just one or two. Mixing in faces with other art and decor pieces can start to look too busy and can take the attention away from the other items on the wall.

Unless you are going for an eclectic look, your pieces need to have at least one thing in common with each other (such as color, shape, etc.) so that the grouping seems cohesive. So even if you use different frames, keep everything within one color palette. It also does not need to consist of only framed photos. To add interest, you can hang up decorative baskets, mirrors, sconce lights, etc.

In my opinion, the hardest part about a gallery wall is figuring out the right layout and making sure that layout easily transfers over to the wall. I suggest gathering all of your pieces, laying them out on the floor, and rearranging them until you come up with a layout that you like. Then, instead of eyeballing it and jumping straight to nailing them into the wall, it is extremely helpful to either cut out a template of the pieces first, or tape out the shapes onto the wall first. Below are some photos for an example.

Of course, social media such as Pinterest and Instagram have tons of examples of gallery walls so do some research to nail down the type of look you want to go for and if you follow the guidelines mentioned above, you will have a new, custom focal point in your home in no time!