9 Top Texas Interior Design Trends for 2023

9 Top Texas Interior Design Trends for 2023

written on November 23, 2022Interior Design

Do you want to transform your Texas home design with a new look in 2023? Or are you preparing to sell your house and need to spruce up your interior design before putting it on the market?

Regardless of your reason for transforming your home in Dallas, Austin, Houston, or San Antonio with a modern style, it’s wise to incorporate a few (or more!) of these Texas interior design trends for 2023 into your interior design to add beauty, value, and appeal to your home.

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Texas Interior Design Trends for 2023

  1. Open Concept

Instead of stuffing your home with tons of hides, horns, and ranch-themed home décor (like the home design theme in Texas for quite some time), clear the clutter away and allow your home to embody a clean, minimalist look and modern country style.

Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to create this modern look is to create a spacious, airy open layout that instantly adds more space to your home. With this floor plan, you can still add vintage pieces for that warm, western feeling while maintaining an appealing modern appearance.

  1. Cozy Spaces

In 2023, choosing a cozy, inviting design style that features practical furniture and comfortable materials will be “all the rage” in Texas and beyond. It’s wonderful to have a stunning space, but more importantly, your home’s design should be practical and compatible with your family’s unique day-to-day life.

In 2023, families (especially those with kids) will prioritize comfort first and style second when choosing furniture, décor, materials, and other accessories for their Texas home.

Rustic Texas interior design trends
  1. Rustic & Natural

The “rustic and natural” trend will be widespread across the entire country in 2023—but fortunately, it already works perfectly for Texas homeowners! To achieve this look, use natural elements like wood, stone, or leather in your décor (such as furniture pieces), and consider pairing these natural materials with quartz, marble, or concrete (countertops, flooring, etc.) to tone down the rough, country aesthetic but to preserve the modern, yet rustic, interior design scheme.

  1. Matte Finishes

When it comes to painting your walls, matte finishes are much more popular than glossy, semi-glossy, or even eggshell finishes in 2023. Luckily, homeowners can easily make this update with a fresh coat of paint—after all, if your home has experienced any “wear and tear” over the past few years, it could probably use one anyway.

  1. Statement Lighting

If you’d like your home to stand out in a big way, think about where you can add statement lighting—one of the most popular design trends in Texas in 2023—to your interior design.

For example, you can add a chandelier to your entryway or above your dining room table, stunning light fixtures above your kitchen island, or even sconces above your bedroom nightstand to enhance the look of your home. Even better, consider installing a dimmer switch with your light fixtures that will allow you to change the ambiance and mood in your home with a simple touch of a button!

  1. Mixed Metals

Traditionally, most homes in Texas (and elsewhere) would pick one style of metal and stick with it throughout their interior design. Now, the trend of using mixed metals is super popular (and accepted), so you don’t have to use only western iron accents in your home décor.

In 2023, mix and match gold and silver, copper and brass, or even steel and pewter to achieve the look you want for your home’s furniture and accessories. As long as the design doesn’t look cluttered—feel free to let your imagination run wild!

Two chairs with cushions
  1. Dark Wood Finishes

Though lighter woods, such as oak and pine, may have been popular in the past, homeowners are leaning toward darker wood in 2023.

If you want to achieve this look with your current furniture, you can sand and stain your existing furniture with a darker color, like Ebony, Dark Walnut, or Red Mahogany. Black-toned shades, like Ebony, tend to pair better with cool design elements, whereas red-toned shades, like Mahogany, will look better with a warmer design scheme.

  1. Unique Paint Shades

Instead of using traditional gray and beige paint for your interior walls in 2023, try to use other shades in your home design, like Sage Green, Teal Blue, and Deep Rust.

These shades will still match the modern country style but will also add a touch of unexpected creativity to your design. For example, you could enhance your living room with a rust-colored accent wall or add a pop of color to your kitchen with teal cabinets.

  1. Larger Windows

If you’d like to invite the beauty of the outdoors into your home, larger windows are an excellent choice! Unlike smaller single-hung, double-hung, and even casement windows, many homeowners are adorning their living room or kitchen walls with picture, bay, and bow windows to enjoy more natural sunlight and expansive views.

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