What Realtors Should Know About Home Staging

Realtors Advice for Home Staging (from Home Stager Professionals)

Realtors Advice for Home Staging (from Home Stager Professionals)

written on February 8, 2021Home Staging

Staging is a key part of selling any home, and some realtors know that, but not all of them do. What realtors should know about home staging, unfortunately, can’t be properly summed up in a single sentence. To help realtors understand the importance of this process, this quick guide will break down the key benefits of home staging.

Can Increase the Value of Homes

What realtors should know about home staging most of all is the value it can add to homes. When sellers are determining the dollar value of their home, they should make sure the look of the house reflects that number.

By teaming with a professional stager, you can make sure the home looks good enough to justify the asking price. In fact, the National Association of Realtors recently conducted an examination on staging that revealed this process was, in some cases, able to increase the dollar value of homes by one to five percent.

Makes the Selling Process Quicker

A house that is full of clutter, fading paint, and broken amenities is going to have a harder time finding buyers than one that is freshly painted, thoroughly cleaned, and carefully depersonalized. There are a few reasons for this. First, sellers usually don’t want to buy a home that looks unattractive and requires immense repairs.

Additionally, if the previous owner’s belongings are on full display, it’s going to make it tougher for buyers to see potential in the property. By creating an appealing blank slate for buyers, you can spark their imagination, causing them to more easily envision where they can effectively imbue their own touch to make the space their own.

Decreases Home Selling Stress

Some realtors might look at home staging and think, “Can’t I do that myself?” If you were to look at one property staged by a realtor and one staged by a professional stager, the difference would be very clear. It’s not just that an experienced stager knows the right improvements to make in order to appeal to buyers, but their expertise also makes the selling process much less stressful.

Instead of worrying about finding good furniture for staging, installing the furniture, or painting the walls yourself, stagers can do that and more with ease. That way, you and the homeowners can focus on other aspects of the sale, of which there are certainly many.

Stage Every Room

Don’t stage selectively; go all in. Not staging the whole home can create an inconsistent level of comfort and quality from room to room. Some rooms might require less staging than others, but you should still be making collective changes to the house. This probably sounds like a lot, but as mentioned above, a professional home stager can make this process equally as effective as it is stress-free.

For instance, at The Staging Company, we’ve been conducting home staging in Austin with an effort to make spaces more inviting for buyers when they stop by. By teaming with a professional who can make the right adjustments to every room, you will make a major impact on the way the property speaks to buyers.