Why a Staged Home Will Sell Faster

Do Staged Homes Sell Faster? Yes. Here’s Why.

Do Staged Homes Sell Faster? Yes. Here’s Why.

written on July 20, 2020Home Staging

If you’re wondering, “Do staged homes sell faster?” the answer is a resounding yes, especially in the beginning stages of listing your property. During a home staging, a professional will help you redesign each and every room in your home with rearranged furniture and a better sense of purpose.

Home staging allows you as the homeowner to showcase the best attributes of your property and make it more appealing to a larger percentage of buyers agents and prospective buyers. Sellers with a well-staged home can often ask for a higher listing price and sell faster, even in today’s competitive real estate market.

Do Staged Homes Sell Faster

The Real Estate Staging Association Agrees

Having a well staged home takes more than just sweeping the floors and cleaning the windows (although those are very important as well.) From enhancing the property’s curb appeal to designing an elegant master bedroom, a professional home stager will help your home stand out in the local market and sell quickly. But don’t take our word for it!

Research proves that staged homes sell faster. According to a 2019 study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, “eighty two percent of buyer’s agents say that potential buyers are better able to visualize the property as a future home if it’s professionally staged.”

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How Home Staging Helps You Sell Faster

From highlighting your home’s best features to virtual staging in today’s dynamic real estate market, there are several reasons a staged home will sell quicker than a home that isn’t professionally staged. To help you understand the importance of staging, let’s discuss why staged homes sell faster.

It allows potential buyers to see themselves in the home

Home staging has been proven to increase the speed of a home sale due to the nuances that professional stagers bring to each room. As we mentioned before, a big part of staging is finding a purpose for each and every room in the house. Removing your belongings and personal items from the house allows potential buyers to picture themselves living inside. For instance, if a potential buyer walks into a room and sees the walls lined with posters, collectibles, video games, or something very personal to your taste, it can be a bit difficult for them to know what to do with that room.

Instead of showcasing your stuff, you should be showcasing the potential each room has for a home office, guest bedroom, or other useful function. This gives prospective buyers the opportunity to easily plan what they’d like to do with the space, and once those gears get turning, the potential for a sale becomes much greater.

It highlights the good and minimizes the bad

Professional home staging incorporates furniture, decor, and interior design that minimizes the home’s flaws while simultaneously highlighting its best features. For example, creating a focal point in the room can have more impact than you think.

The right furniture rentals can draw attention away from room flaws, sometimes even better than a fresh coat of paint (although that’s important too). Or placing a differently sized table can make a space seem larger than it really is – even in the smallest of dining rooms. Designing each room to perfection allows you present your home in the best light possible, helping buyers (and their real estate agent) see the full potential of your home. That’s why professionally staged homes will almost always sell faster than empty homes.

It boosts virtual listings

According to the Real Estate Staging Association, 7 in 10 real estate agents consider online photos, videos, and virtual tours a very important part of finding clients their dream home. This is partly due to the pandemic, when buyers had to rely on online pictures and virtual videos to tour available properties. In the wake of COVID-19, virtual photos and videos have continued to be an integral part of the modern real estate market. In fact, in a recent survey, 73% of real estate agents agree that providing online tours as part of the property listing is still just as important today as it was in 2020.

With this information in mind, you can see how virtual staging becomes an integral part of promoting your home online. By designing and staging an interior that creates an emotional connection with potential buyers both in person and online, you’re able to reach more buyers and sell faster (possibly at a higher asking price). It’s a virtual world and with a home staging expert who understands the nuances of the online real estate market, you as the homeowner have a better chance of success.

Whether you’re an owner selling your own home or a real estate agent hoping to sell quickly, now you should have a better understanding of why a staged home will sell faster. New home sellers might be trepidatious about taking the step to hire a professional stager, but without doing so, they can find themselves sitting on the real estate market for longer than they’d like.

At The Staging Company, we offer home staging and interior design services to homeowners in Texas who are ready to put their properties on the market. That way, they can spend less time waiting for a buyer and more time settling into their new homes.

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Worried about selling in this market? We’re not..... Sell your house over a month faster with THE STAGING COMPANY.