139 Days On The Market Before, 17 Days After Staging

Mike Archer

139 Days On The Market Before, 17 Days After Staging

In this case, the property was new and beautiful, but it had a lot of small, odd spaces. Because of this, people couldn’t envision how the property would live.

The staging of a two-year-old townhome in Tampa demonstrates the National Association of Realtors' claim that staging can expedite sales by 88%. Initially, the property's unique layout with small, odd spaces deterred potential buyers for 139 days.

However, once staged, these spaces were transformed into inviting areas that showcased the home's functionality, making it easy for buyers to imagine living there. Focusing on the 'Heart of Home' areas, the staging highlighted the townhome's best features in a great neighborhood.

Just 17 days after professional staging and photography, an offer was accepted. This success story is a testament to how staging can overcome challenging market conditions and lead to rapid sales.

If you're aiming for a quick and profitable home sale, our staging expertise can help you achieve just that.

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