An elegant, well-lit entryway with a dark wood floor, contrasting white wainscoting, and dark gray walls. An open front door with arched transom windows allows natural light to flow in, highlighting the chandelier above.

Welcoming Vacation Rental Entryway Design Ideas for Property Owners

Welcoming Vacation Rental Entryway Design Ideas for Property Owners

written on March 21, 2024Vacation Rental Staging

We all know that first impressions matter — especially when attempting to secure a five-star review from a vacation rental guest. We think the first step in impressing a guest is to “wow” them from the moment they walk through the front door by creating a warm and welcoming entryway.

You don’t need to create a grand entrance to impress your guests. Follow these simple interior design tips to create a practical, welcoming entryway in your vacation rental.

Vacation Rental Entryway Design Tips

1. Think Through the Lighting

A spacious and inviting foyer featuring terra cotta tiled flooring and a grand staircase with white spindles and polished wooden handrails. An arched wooden front door with glass panels and a semi-circular transom window opens to reveal a glimpse of a lush outdoor view. The walls are painted in a soft beige tone, with an alcove niche and white molding adding architectural interest. A classic ceiling light fixture provides a warm ambiance to the space.

What is the first thing you do when you walk into your house when it’s dark outside or when all the curtains are closed? Chances are, it’s turning on the lights!

Knowing where the light switch is located is muscle memory in our homes, but for vacation home guests, it’s the first thing they’ll start looking for after stepping inside — and that can be tough to do in the dark. That said, ensuring that turning on the lights is as easy as possible can enhance the guest experience more than you might realize. Even if your rental is well-lit with natural light, consider adding a table lamp in the entryway that can be easily turned on and off for guests coming and going from the vacation home late at night.

2. Create An Organized Space For Keys

Have you ever lost your keys in a vacation rental because you can’t remember where you put them? Was it on the kitchen counter, or on the nightstand in the bedroom? Placing a key hook right next to the front door eliminates this experience for guests altogether.

Bonus — find a sturdy key hook that can double as a place to hang purses and backpacks, too!

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3. Install A Clutter-Free Storage Solution

A quaint entryway featuring a white vintage-style console table with labeled drawers and wicker baskets. Above it hangs an ornate mirror reflecting a wall-mounted light fixture. To the right, a door with a stained glass window incorporating yellow tones and a central diamond-shaped design adds a touch of color and privacy. Beside the door, a lush green plant adds a touch of life to the space. The floor is tiled with a classic black and white pattern.

You don’t need a ton of furniture in your entryway — but a few functional and practical pieces, like an entryway console with drawers and cabinets, can be helpful even in a small space.

This piece of furniture can serve several purposes, like being a “catch-all” space to place stuff on, like sunglasses and scarves, or even a shoe rack. This would also be a great spot to set up a “welcome book” or something displaying the Wi-Fi password. If there is room, consider adding a chair, bench, or other seating alternative where guests can sit to remove their shoes.

4. Add Warm, Welcoming Decorative Touches

As we just mentioned, furniture in your vacation rental’s entryway should be minimal and practical. However, that doesn’t mean it should be boring! Add some personality and style to your entryway with decorative elements, like framed art or sconces on the wall, a beautiful light fixture or chandelier hanging from the ceiling, or potted plants to add freshness and liveliness.

If you’re looking for a great decorative piece that is equal parts beautiful and practical — consider hanging a mirror. Not only will a mirror be useful for guests to take a quick peek at their appearance before heading out for the day, but it also reflects natural light, making the entryway feel more inviting, cheery, and bright. A mirror is also one of the best additions to a home to make small spaces look bigger.

5. Consider Location-Specific Features

A modern and minimalist entryway with a white brick wall. On the left, a full-length mirror reflects a woven basket planter with greenery, positioned atop a wooden shelf. In the center, a bench with a gray cushion provides seating, with an array of shoes neatly organized below. To the right, a stylish white coat rack holds a straw hat, a beige trench coat, a woven tote bag with a magazine, and a yellow umbrella, adding a pop of color. The scene is completed by a patterned rug on the wooden floor.

Every vacation rental entryway should be well-lit and have a place to hang keys and store shoes (at minimum!). However, what will really impress guests upon arrival is your attention to detail and thoughtful, location-specific touches.

For example, if your vacation rental is in a cold, snowy climate, like near a ski resort, consider adding a coat rack and an umbrella holder in the entryway. A heavy-duty, absorbent doormat that can soak up rain and snow is also a wise investment. You should also create a designated space where guests can store skis, snowboards, and other snow equipment.

On the other hand, a beach rental might want to add heavy-duty hooks next to the key hooks to store beach towels and bags. A doormat that can easily remove sand from the bottoms of shoes (or feet!) is also a wise investment. Not only does this provide a good experience for guests, but it also keeps them from throwing their sandy beach bag on your couch or tracking sand on the bottom of their flip-flops into the shower. Creating a welcoming and practical entrance is a win-win!

Help Vacation Rental Guests Feel at Home from the Moment They Step Through Your Front Door with THE STAGING COMPANY

As a vacation rental owner, you want to leave a positive impression on guests so they’ll leave a glowing five-star review, recommend your property to their friends and family, and, best of all — book another stay with you in the future!

While a welcoming entryway is a fantastic way to start your guests’ stay off on the right note, a well-designed kitchen, living room, and bedrooms are also important. And we hate to break it to you — but a subpar vacation rental isn’t enough to dazzle guests in today’s market. You need to go above and beyond — and professional vacation rental furnishing is the best way to do that!

Contact our team of home staging professionals at THE STAGING COMPANY to get started with vacation rental furnishing. Your guests will thank you for your thoughtful attention to detail, functional features, and impeccable design in the entryway and beyond! 

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