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5 Benefits of Furnishing Your Airbnb with a Professional Staging Company

5 Benefits of Furnishing Your Airbnb with a Professional Staging Company

written on March 22, 2023Vacation Rental Staging

Do you own an Airbnb business and wish that your property (or properties) welcomed more guests, had a higher occupancy rate, and generated more revenue? If so, the benefits of professionally furnishing an Airbnb will be worth the investment.

In this post, we’ll explain some basic information about the furnishing process and the advantages of getting your vacation rental appropriately furnished by professionals.

How Do People Select a Vacation Rental?

People select a vacation rental after looking through the photos of the space, reading the property description, and comparing it to other rentals. Most travelers search for the location they want to visit, read the listings and look through photos for 10–15 properties, and then take a deeper look at the 3–5 listings they like best to make their final decision.

So, what does it take to be in that last round of listings? In our opinion — professional Airbnb furnishing is the secret!

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What Is Airbnb Furnishing?

Airbnb furnishing describes decorating a vacation rental with all the amenities and features that potential guests need (and want!) in a rental property — including furniture, artwork, and decor items, like decorative pillows and throw blankets.

Remember, when you hire a company to help with vacation rental furnishing, you are still responsible for purchasing all your own furniture — from the dining room table to the guest room sheets. A professional decorator then comes in and helps you select the right furniture and furnish your rental with these brand-new pieces to ensure your rental looks great in photos and for guests.

Reasons to Have Your Vacation Rental Property Professionally Furnished

Though you can undoubtedly attempt vacation rental furnishing on your own — it’s worth the money to hire a professional interior decorator to furnish the space for you.

These are just a few benefits of trusting a professional staging company to make your vacation rental stand out among the competition in Orlando, Tampa, Austin, or other popular tourist destinations.

1. Secure More Bookings (& Make More Money)

The only reason you would invest in a service like professional furnishing is to see a return on your investment, right?

After furnishing your vacation rental, it will stay booked for more weeks (or months) out of the year. However, when you invest in a professionally-furnished rental, you can get away with charging a higher price per night, which results in more money in your pocket with each reservation.

2. Make a Positive First Impression

When scrolling through properties looking for somewhere to stay on vacation, what is the first thing that catches your eye and causes you to click on the listing to learn more? If you’re like most travelers — it is probably the photos!

When you work with a professional to furnish your space, they will help you remove clutter and personal items, select beautiful furniture and fixtures, and arrange each room in a way that looks great in photos. This ensures guests have a positive first impression of your property when scrolling through Airbnb,, or any other third-party website.

Additionally, the entryway plays an important role in making the perfect first impression, check our vacation rental entryway design ideas for property owners to get some more specific tips.

3. Evoke an Emotional Response

What do you want guests to feel when they stay at your property? Do you have a large house where you want families to feel like they can create memories? Would you like your city condo to have a minimalist feel perfect for business travelers? Or do you want your beachfront cottage filled with romantic features and luxury touches to appeal to couples on an anniversary trip or a honeymoon?

Regardless of your vision for your rental, a professional decorator can translate your ideas into a design that evokes the emotional response you want guests to experience when they stay at your property — resulting in positive feedback and five-star reviews.

4. Get More Attention on Your Rental

If you have a vacation rental in a desirable part of town, have already incorporated fabulous amenities into your rental, and still feel like you aren’t getting any traction — vacation rental furnishing is a great way to get more eyes on your Airbnb.

Usually, a professional decorator can look at your property and know what to rearrange, add, or remove to accentuate its best features. Then, after following these vacation rental photography tips and uploading new photos to your listing, you will get more eyes on your rental — which often results in more bookings.

5. Show Your Personality

A professional decorating company can help you uniquely showcase your personality in your rental. Perhaps you’re a gardener and want to leave fresh flowers on the coffee table for each guest. Maybe you love the color green and want to incorporate it into as many spaces as possible. Or, you love the Little Mermaid and want to take guests “Under the Sea” in your rental right next to Disney World.

Fortunately, a professional decorator can help you tastefully incorporate touches of your personality while matching modern design trends renters in your area seek in a vacation rental. That way, your property will still feel like it belongs to you — but will also stay booked year-round!

Experience the Benefits of Vacation Rental Furnishing When You Work with THE STAGING COMPANY

If you’re ready to experience all these benefits of working with a professional decorating company — give our team at THE STAGING COMPANY a call.

We can help you furnish your vacation rental in Orlando, Tampa, Austin, San Antonio, or other cities in East Texas and Central Florida. Learn more about our services to discover if vacation rental furnishing is the “boost” your property needs to secure more bookings and generate more revenue!

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