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Creating a Cohesive Look Within Your Home

Creating a Cohesive Look Within Your Home

written on December 9, 2019Design Trends, Interior Design

When decorating your home, you want all rooms to be cohesive and flow smoothly. However, creating that feel can be challenging, especially when you are talking about decorating and furnishing multiple rooms and spaces. Below are some tips to help you create a cohesive home that also reflects your design style.

Tip #1: Select your color palette ahead of time
You don’t need to pick just one color, you can pick multiple colors, but make sure you have the color scheme nailed down before you start your shopping. It is helpful to keep the big furniture pieces neutral and the color can be incorporated through your decor.

Tip #2: Use color repetition throughout your home
Incorporate your color palette in every room through either art, throw pillow, rugs, etc. If you have rooms that are closed off and “separate” from other rooms, you can get fun and throw in some different colors, but try to always have at least one item that goes back to your original color palette.

Tip #3: Use texture repetition throughout your home
If you have a leather sofa, try and incorporate leather in other rooms such as the headboard in your bedroom or a guest room. If you have linen pillows, use linen curtains as well. Repeating textures will also give your home a cohesive look and feel.

Tip #4: Metals and woods should have a buddy
You can absolutely mix metals and wood tones but if you do, make sure they have a “buddy” to match. For example, if you have a gold light fixture in the kitchen, make sure you incorporate gold elsewhere in the kitchen such as on the cabinet hardware or faucet. If you have a dark wood dresser in your bedroom, make sure you have at least one other piece of similar color wood somewhere else in the room.

Tip #5: Choose matching hardware
The hardware does not have to match throughout the whole home, but it should at least match in the room that it is in. So if you have black hardware on your kitchen cabinets, your faucet should also be black. If you have a silver faucet in the bathroom, the cabinet hardware should match and so on.