A spacious and well-lit bedroom with a neutral color scheme. The room features a large bed with beige and white bedding, flanked by matching wooden nightstands with black and gold lamps. Above the bed, three small decorative pieces hang on the wall. In the foreground, there's a striped bench at the foot of the bed, and a plush, diamond-patterned area rug covers the light wooden floor. A large mirror reflects the room's entrance, and to the right, two windows provide a view of the outside, showing a house in the distance.

7 Expert Tips for Staging a Bedroom Like a Pro

7 Expert Tips for Staging a Bedroom Like a Pro

written on April 25, 2024Home Staging

Want to give your bedrooms that “wow factor” that will impress potential buyers during an open house? Staging a bedroom professionally will make a huge difference. Before putting your home on the market in Texas or Florida, try implementing these professional bedroom staging tips.

Professional Bedroom Staging Tips

1. Remove Clutter

The best thing about bedroom staging is that it is simple. All you really need is a bed, well-placed decor, and a couple of pieces of bedroom furniture, like a dresser and nightstands.

On the other hand, the challenging thing about bedroom staging is its simplicity. For most people, it’s difficult to determine what would be considered “unnecessary furniture” that might draw potential buyers away from the home’s layout.

Real estate experts suggest keeping bedroom decor as simple as possible for staging purposes – this is especially true if you want to make a small bedroom look bigger. A beautifully made bed, a couple of nightstand lamps, and books, plants, or simple decor on nightstands and dressers are all you need. Any items not related to the bedroom should be removed and placed elsewhere.

2. Select the Right Bed Size

A contemporary bedroom with ample natural light from two windows, one showcasing lush greenery outside. The room is furnished with a queen-sized bed with a textured white cover and an assortment of pillows in neutral tones. A charcoal upholstered headboard complements two black and white abstract art pieces above the bed. Beside the bed, a stylish black nightstand with a cane-patterned cabinet holds a sleek lamp.

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, so choosing the right size bed is of the utmost importance — and a bigger bed doesn’t always equal better. A bed that is too big for a space can make a room feel smaller than it actually is, while a bed that is too small can make a room feel empty.

As a general rule of thumb for staging a bedroom, consider installing a king bed in the master bedroom, queen beds in the guest bedrooms, and full or twin beds in kids’ rooms.

3. Choose Neutral Bedding

When staging a master bedroom, it’s best to choose a light, neutral bedding color, like white or cream. Light colors help the room and the bed appear larger and give buyers the impression that the room is clean, cozy, and peaceful. For children’s rooms, patterned or colored comforters are inviting for young eyes, as long as the rest of the room is more neutral.

If you’d like to add a touch of color, throw pillows that match the decor are a great option. Just don’t go overboard with the pillows — too many can make the bed look small. Generally, two to four regular-sized pillows for sleep and four to five throw pillows are a good place to start.

4. Spruce Up the Flooring With an Area Rug

A serene bedroom with a waterfront view through a large floor-to-ceiling window. The bed is dressed in white linens with a textured pattern and topped with a dark blue throw, accompanied by neutral-toned pillows. The light-colored upholstered headboard matches the bed’s wooden frame. To the left, an artistic arrangement of decorative plates adorns the wall. On the right, a dark wood dresser is accessorized with a small plant, vases, and two framed abstract art pieces, adding a modern touch to the space. A shaggy dark grey area rug lies on the floor, complementing the lighter hardwood flooring.

Real estate experts would tell you that more and more homeowners are moving away from carpets and looking for homes with tile or hardwood floors. However, if your bedroom already has wall-to-wall carpet — don’t panic. Carpet in bedrooms is super common, and some homeowners searching for a new home prefer rooms with carpet, so it’s not a dealbreaker!

However, if you want to draw buyers’ eyes away from wall-to-wall carpeted bedrooms and potentially attract a wider pool of buyers, decorating the bedroom with an area rug is an appealing way to do so. Choose a solid-colored rug for rooms with a patterned comforter or a rug with a bit more color for rooms with neutral-colored comforters.

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5. Don’t Forget About the Closet

The closet space is often overlooked when staging a bedroom. However, closets are actually one of the most important parts of bedroom staging to focus on. A home with small closets or a lack of storage space is a dealbreaker for several homeowners, so removing clutter off the floor, shelves, and hangers in closets to amplify the available storage space is critical.

That said — stashing all the clothes and clutter lying on the bedroom floors or dressers in the closet is not a good option when staging a bedroom. Keep personal items stored away in nice-looking boxes and showcase a few nice dresses, blouses, or shirts on matching hangers in the same direction. Keep plenty of space between the clothes to showcase the closet’s spaciousness.

6. Decorate with Plants and Greenery

Most people think about putting plants in the kitchen or living room — not the master bedroom. However, plants or fresh flowers can really spruce up a bedroom by adding a pop of color and a fresh scent during a showing or open house.

7. Throw Open the Curtains

A bright and modern bedroom featuring a large bed with a plush grey headboard and crisp white bedding accented with a navy throw blanket and a variety of pillows in different patterns. A geometric-patterned area rug anchors the room, which is complemented by a nightstand with black accents and a matching lamp. To the side, a comfortable dark blue chaise lounge offers a place to relax. The room is illuminated by natural light pouring in from wall-to-wall sliding glass doors.

Natural lighting appeals to buyers, so be sure to open the curtains, roll up the shades, and let the sunlight into the bedroom!

In addition to natural light, adding ambient lighting is an excellent way to create a cozy bedroom space. Consider adding lamps to the bedside tables, sconces on the walls, or a charming light fixture that will impress buyers and help to sell the space.

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