Benefits of Home Staging: Living Room

9 Valuable Benefits of Home Staging by a Professional

9 Valuable Benefits of Home Staging by a Professional

written on October 14, 2022Home Staging

If you’re considering selling your home soon, you may ask yourself, “Is hiring a home staging company worth the investment?”

Professional home staging describes arranging the furniture and decor in a house in a way that helps the property appeal to the highest number of buyers. Often, this process allows homeowners to sell their homes more quickly for a higher price, so it’s an excellent investment in competitive markets like Texas and Florida.

Let’s take a deeper look at the most appealing benefits of home staging, so you can learn why this investment is worth every penny!

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Benefits of Hiring Staging Companies to Stage Your Home

Here’s our nine most valuable benefits:

1. Higher Selling Price

Needless to say, one of the most attractive benefits of staging your home is to secure a higher sale price. Typically, a professional home stager will remove personal items, like family photos and worn-out furniture, and replace them with full furniture rentals and impressive artwork. These upgrades improve the perceived value of your property, which usually correlates with a higher asking price and dollar value for your home.

In fact, most staged homes sell for a 20% higher price than the non-staged competition. If you’re selling your home for $350.000, that’s up to $70,000 more in your pocket! When you think of it that way, it’s easy to see how home staging is a worthwhile investment.

2. Faster Sale

If your home has already been on the market for longer than you’d like and you haven’t had any prospective buyers show interest in your house—it may be time to invest in home staging.

Professional home stagers make your property appear more desirable than other homes on the market (even in competitive markets like Texas and Florida!), which can help your home to sell faster at a higher price. In fact, home staging can help your property sell up to 30 times faster than the competition, which makes the home-selling process a breeze.

3. Impress Potential Buyers

Did you know it takes a potential buyer just a few seconds to decide if they like your home or not? First impressions really count—and home staging is a great way to ensure your property makes a positive and lasting impact on buyers.

Home staging professionals can help style your home to match current trends so that buyers will be immediately “wowed” by your house. Instead of a lived-in house, your property will look like a model home!

4. More Listing Views

Did you know that 97% of potential buyers used the internet to aid them with the home-buying process in 2020? The days of working directly with a real estate agent are long gone—many homeowners are taking the home search into their own hands. So, it’s absolutely imperative to make your home stand out online!

When you hire a staging professional, they will know exactly the right colors and angles to make your home “pop” both in-person and in online photos to attract potential buyers and real estate agents to your property.

5. Stand Out in the Market

Most homeowners will deep clean their house or add a fresh coat of paint to spruce up their property’s curb appeal before selling their home. However, if you really want to make more money on your house—a staged home is the perfect way to gain an edge over your competition.

Most prospective buyers will attend dozens of virtual tours or open houses before settling on their future home. So what can you do to make your space memorable aside from keeping up with general maintenance? That’s what a professional home stager can help you determine!

6. Understand the Floor Plan

Many people assume it’s better to empty the rooms in their house so buyers can get a “good feel” for the size of the space. However, this is actually a misconception. It’s much better to have your home staged to help buyers imagine what their own home will look like with their furniture in various rooms—or to help real estate professionals determine if your space is a good fit for their clients.

View of floor plan with material selection

For example, when your home is staged, buyers can better picture if the master bedroom will more comfortably fit a king-sized or queen-sized bed. Or, they can discover if the dining room will better accommodate a table with six or eight seats. Overall, home staging can help buyers truly understand your home’s layout—which can ultimately help them decide if your home is a good fit for them.

7. Highlight the Good Features

If you’ve been living in your house for several years, it may be difficult for you to determine your home’s best (and worst) features. However, when you work with a home stager, they will know exactly what features to highlight and which to detract from to make your property stand out on the market to buyers in a positive way.

8. Make Your Home Aspirational

Most homebuyers aren’t just looking to buy another property—they are looking for a dream home! It’s crucial to help buyers create an emotional connection with your house so that they can imagine the space as their own home. This aspirational feeling can be accomplished with specific color combinations, furniture layouts, and unexpected pieces.

In addition to furniture placement, a staging professional may even have tips for impressing your buyers’ five senses when showing your home. While staging makes your home visually appealing, there are plenty of other senses you can rely on to make your home more desirable and “homey.” For example, you can bake cookies to make your home smell delicious. Or, you can play some soft, upbeat, cheerful music to create a welcoming environment as people walk through the front door.

9. Show Creative Ways to Use Extra Space

As we mentioned earlier, it’s difficult for homeowners to imagine how empty rooms can be used—especially if the room can be used for any purpose. Home staging can help homebuyers envision how they can use different spaces in your home to serve their own unique purposes.

Benefits of Home Staging: Weird Space

For example, a home staging professional can turn a den with ample natural light into an office, which can appeal to those who work from home. Or, they can turn an unused room into a playroom to appeal to families. Perhaps they can even convert a countertop into a coffee or wine bar, which may appeal to buyers who love entertaining friends and family.

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With so many incredible benefits—it’s easy to see why home staging is a great investment! Who wouldn’t want to sell their home in a competitive market for more money in less time?

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