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Popular Colors for Texas Homes & Vacation Rentals

Popular Colors for Texas Homes & Vacation Rentals

written on May 19, 2023Vacation Rental Staging

Texas homes are all about open-concept layouts, matte finishes, large windows, and rustic and natural textures — these are some of the most popular interior design trends for homes in Texas, including Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, in 2023.

However, the key to accentuating these features — both on the interior and exterior house — is with the right paint colors. In this post, we will share some of the best and most trendy exterior and interior paint colors to consider for your property this year. 

Interior Paint Colors for a Texas Home

Interior Paint Colors for a Texas Home

For short-term rentals, trendy colors can make the property feel up-to-date and exciting. For a home you live in, trendy colors may be fun for awhile and then grow tiresome. To sell a home, stay on the neutral side with colors like these.

1. White

White is a timeless paint color that is clean, crisp, and light and will not feel dark or overpowering. Regardless of your furniture style — shades of white are always great choices for the interior walls of your home. For a subtle look, choose an off-white shade with cool gray or warm beige undertones, or select a pure white for a polished, minimalist appearance.

2. Gray

Gray is a chic and attractive paint color for an open-layout house. If you want to invoke a peaceful and serene atmosphere, you may opt for light gray walls with pops of color, whereas dark gray is an excellent way to add intensity and drama to a room without the sharpness of black. If you prefer warmer colors, consider “greige” — gray with brown or beige undertones — to pair with honeyed woods or blue accents.

3. Beige

Southern homes tend to have more rustic and natural finishes than other styles — and beige serves as a perfect canvas for these colors, designs, and textures. Beige is a versatile shade that can match just about any home. You can opt for a beige paint color with yellow, brown, sepia, gray, or even green undertones to fit your home’s interior design.

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4. Black

Black is a bold, beautiful, and trendy option for accent walls in living rooms, dining rooms, or kitchens. If you pair black paint with lighter features — like tan furniture, gold fixtures, and large windows — it can create a striking visual appeal that is perfect for a modern home or vacation rental.

5. More Choices

If neutral colors are not your style and you would like to add a modern twist to your Texas house or rental, there are plenty of popular (yet trendy!) colors to choose from, like sage, teal, or rust.

Perhaps select a relaxing blue hue for your bathrooms and a refreshing green for your kitchen — as long as the colors don’t clash with your home’s furniture and fixtures, feel free to customize your Texas home interior in any way you would like. You can even try painting your trim white to make it pop!

Exterior Paint Colors for a House in Texas

Exterior Paint Colors for a House in Texas

Homeowners and property owners tend to pay more attention to painting the rooms inside their homes. However, the exterior house paint is just as important! Painting the exterior the right color can boost your home’s curb appeal or help your rental “pop” in listing photos.

If you are looking for the perfect exterior paint color for your Texas home’s exterior, we hope you will get inspired by one of the following ideas:

1. Neutral Shades

Choosing a classic paint color for your house exterior is always a good idea — it will blend in with the neighborhood and hopefully stay in style for decades to come.

Cream or ivory is an excellent exterior paint color — it will not visibly show dirt and dust like pure white, but it will still keep your home cooler in the Texas heat. Charcoal is an excellent siding color if you prefer something bolder that will still match the neighborhood.

2. Earth Tones

Earth tones, including rich greens, browns, and even shades of yellow and tan, are trendy paint colors for houses in Texas. These tones blend in with your home’s natural surroundings and landscaping, and they look great with natural elements and a combination of textures, such as stucco, stone, or wood.

3. Bold Colors

Everything is bigger and bolder in Texas — and your home should be no different. You can choose a fun paint color for your home exterior with just as much personality as you — from a barn red for a farmhouse in the country to a rich colonial blue for a classy historic home. Think of your dream home, then make it a reality!

When choosing a bold paint color, ensure the windows, trim, and doors are painted neutral colors (like white) to avoid conflicting details that can detract from your home’s appearance. We recommend getting paint samples and testing your colors before painting!

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