Tips for How To Stage an Empty House

How to Stage an Empty House Tips from Expert Stagers

How to Stage an Empty House Tips from Expert Stagers

written on February 4, 2021Home Staging

Staging a home involves sprucing up the property to make it feel good as new for buyers. Furniture often plays a significant role in this, but you might find yourself having to stage an empty house in some cases. These tips for how to stage an empty house will illustrate how successfully fixing up a home under such conditions isn’t as tough as it seems.

Natural Light

Although the house is empty, it’s still essential to create an inviting space. A room lacking any comfy seating is not very welcoming, right? Not necessarily. If you’re showing off the property to guests on a sunny day, open up some of the house’s blinds and let natural light stream through.

Illuminating any room with sunlight can give it a real sense of relaxation, which is essential when appealing to buyers. Furthermore, use reflective surfaces like mirrors to bounce sunlight around a large space and create a warm atmosphere throughout.

Attractive Aromas

Not only should any given space in the house look inviting, but it should also smell inviting. It might sound like a joke, but staging a home that smells like paint or cleaning chemicals isn’t ideal. Populate the house with aromas buyers want to experience when they move in. Setting up some scented candles or incense helps an empty property feel like home, even if it’s missing many of the essential amenities.

Neutral Colors

Just because a room has furniture does not mean it doesn’t need a fresh coat of paint. Don’t try to overcompensate for the lack of furniture by painting the walls excessively bright, vibrant colors. Instead, stick to a neutral color palette.

Neutral colors are the go-to for staging because they’re great at depersonalizing an area while still making it look attractive. Neutral shades include beige, grey, and white, though don’t assume you have to use those three exclusively. Some neutrals can come with yellow or blue undertones, providing a creative way to imbue a space with a sense of serenity.

Using these tips for how to stage an empty house will help you swiftly find the right buyer for the property. Reach out to The Staging Company today for assistance with home staging in San Antonio. When shopping for home stagers, always conduct thorough background checks to ensure they can achieve the points above professionally and, of course, successfully.