The Top Home Decor Trends of 2021

The Top Home Decor Trends of 2021

The Top Home Decor Trends of 2021

written on February 8, 2021Design Trends

As the new year approaches, it’s important to consider designing your home with a focus on upcoming potential trends. To help you get ahead of the curve, we’ll breakdown the top home décor trends of 2021 we expect to see making waves in the coming months.


Thanks to how much time everyone has been spending inside during 2020, don’t be surprised if you notice aesthetics that echo the outdoors. Cottagecore is a nostalgic aesthetic that has successfully gained traction on Tumblr and Instagram in recent years.

This style is all about celebrating rural areas through simple touches such as vintage silverware, pottery, and brown décor. Cottagecore offers you the chance to bring the beauty of the outdoors right into your living room in a warm, relaxing way.

Earthy Shades

Another trend bound to rise in 2021 is the use of earthy tones in home décor. As mentioned before, being cooped up inside so much is leading to folks finding ways to bring the outdoors inside.

By implementing deep greens, bold browns, and other natural shades into areas such as walls and furniture, bringing that earthy quality to your décor will be incredibly effective. Connecting to the outdoors through earthy, natural tones is the perfect way to bring a sense of serenity to any given room.

Rustic Aesthetic

Another aesthetic that you’ll likely see trending in 2021 is rustic decor. Rustic style is somewhat similar to Cottagecore because they both echo elements of the outdoors and utilize vintage decor.

However, when it comes to rustic design there’s much more focus on aged wood and hand-crafted décor elements (such as pillows or blankets. In terms of implementing wood for a rustic style, you can do it through your floorboards, paneled walls, tabletops, or chairs. Lean into dark brown wood but try to balance it out with lighter, warmer pieces.

By getting ahead of the curve and implementing the top home décor trends 2021, you can help your home stand out in a stylish, modern way. Not only will this help the property look nice while you’re living there, but it’ll also help it appeal to potential buyers when you’re selling. Our San Antonio home designers can help local homeowners successfully and easily imbue these potential trends into their homes.